One day, a skrub named Quakeman524 was on a Wiki and saw some MLG gamer trying to cure it with MLG.

He said, "Lets settle this with a Pokémon battle. If you win, you can sh!t this Wiki with MLG garbage. If I win you have to be banished from this Wiki forever."

So it began!

Quakeman524 VS some MLG gamer

Quakeman524 sent out Fiend!

MLG gamer sent out Darude!

Darude used Sandstorm!

Fiend evaded the attack!

Fiend used Sharp Slashes!

It was super effective!

Darude fainted!

Use next Pokemon?


MLG gamer sent out FaZe Logo!

Fiend used Clawing Jump!

It wasn't very effective...

FaZe Logo used 360 No Scope!

It was super effective!

Fiend fainted!

Use next Pokémon?


Quakeman524 sent out Cyber Demon!

FaZe Logo used Mic Spamming!

Cyber Demon's defense harshly fell...

Cyber Demon used Rocket Launcher!

It was super effective!

FaZe logo fainted!

MLG gamer sent out Sanic!

Sanic used Supersanic MLG Punch!

It was super effective!

Cyber Demon fainted!

Use next Pokemon?


Quakeman524 sent out agent.btz!

agent.btz uses Data Steal!

It was super effective!

Sanic fainted!

Use next Pokémon?


MLG gamer sends out the legendary Gaben, our Lord and Saviour!

Gaben, our Lord and Saviour uses Insta-Kill!

agent.btz fainted!

Use next Pokémon?


Quakeman524 sends out the legendary Nightcore, which can overpower Gaben, our Lord and Saviour!


Nightcore uses Speed-Pitch-Anime Attack!

It wasn't very effective...

Gaben, our Lord and Saviour evolves into the Kappa Overlord!

Kappa Overlord uses Ultimate Kappa Insult Blast!

"All you do is speed up music, raise the pitch to an annoying slut schoolgirl noise, and slap an anime skrub on the top to attract all the weeaboo pedophiles!"

Nightcore, along with Quakeman524 (as he was extremely butthurt) got rekt and died!

MLG gamer saves the day!


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