aUthOUrs nOTE!!!

HEEyyy everyone" I is Willzoobie and this am mi frist TrolLPansta so I 'ope ya enjoy dis!


Vot za HeLMp vos sat!

I 'ad alrEaDy SEen pIgman so I wondEred who tHis was.

I 'ook ma distence from zim, as hE looked dangeras.

SuddeNly, he took off and flew away!

A bit LatER I saw za same entity pooping! Yuk!

Thats the unImPorTant part oF ThIs stoRy, now WE CnA GeT to ThE iMpORTAnT paRt oF ThE StOrY!!!! HORRay!

Vot I sAw neXT!

After I saw him pooping again, I SWAw some entities coming towards him!

i realised sat it was Stevebrien, 303, 404, null, lick, green and blue steve anD Ender Null!

i 'id behind a bUsH cos I vos scared!

Stevebrine: Ya brung ze documents?

sWinEBrIne: YA! Fill with as mach info as pussible!

Null: null null null null null!

303: His said that he thinks we're being spied!

Stevebrine: Vot!

303: go AnD cheCK $04

404: ok!!!!!!

ZI 'id behind za temple nearby! Dont get Me! Is thought

404: NoThfing 'ere

Ender Null: Zen get here noW!

Stevebrine: So, vere were we?

£03: We're talking about your pampers!

StevesWinE: Shut up and- AhhhhhHhHHHh! Vot za heck iz happeNInG to mE! I is turning into za pig!

303: rUn!

EveRyOne van off while Stevebrines body started to get taken over by sWinEBrIne!

Dont mess with sWinEBrIne!

He is gross and morphs into you!

£03: Yao'll reGret doing this to SteveBrine! We'LL bE Bak!

Ze EnD!