one day i walked up to my house in minecraftž when suddenly i notice dthe entity lookinngb at me from af ar standing behind a tree i never saw him before and he wa sxtrenemyly scary and i was very scared and it washoirrying the entity teleported to me and punched me which flung me aaway back into nmy housethusd estroying the build ing i came to iz and kicked it it flew in thea ir and suddenly a engderdrgaon flwew to me and almost killd me and slapped it and it died and then the entity revealed itself to actaialyy be etinty 666 and i was sooooooooooooooooooooo srcared when suddenly the entity ran away it was crscared of me and then i relaized that i was a godd and teh entity worhippd me and i was happy taht i waz a god so heppy that my knees week arms hevy moms spagooti

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