Part Uno: Hwrobryan.

One a day I went to some server to have sum fun, I had fun 24/7 and even forgot how to breathe. I went to kitchen to eat something, but Herobrine appeared and said: U want sum toest? I was happey end hungery so I asked 2 piece of toast, he started to yell at me: U BETTER NOT PISS ON THE TABLE U SUN OF DA BEACH!!!11!!

I ran awai so Hwrobryan does not kill meh, i am of running so fest I accidently fell into hyper realistic hole.

Paurt Tzvai: Entute 3:00 am.

I fell onto some bricks that were so hard, it of brek my head but i thanked dem for breaking my head, some m8 of notice my bad gramar and spammed: ENGRISH MUDJAFUKER ! DU U SPIK ET??? after than leprechauns started to fly out of my ass as i was farting rainbows, dont du drugs kidz.

Entute 3:00 am came to me with bed, it was so cold I asked him for sheet, he yeled at me:U BETTER NOT SHIT ON DE BED U SUON OF DYA BEATCH, After that he spanked me for being naughty boy, but he was a good boy, i rAN AWAy from him because he was less good boy after 6.66 yoctoseconds passed on de hyper realistic clok showing 3 am 24/7/365

PyarTT Tryi: Oydurwer of faums,

i ren ayaw from Entute and fell ina hous of Oydurwer of famus, he was having some intersting time when he offered me a meal with no fork, wen i ask 4 fork: he of yel: U bETTER NOT F*K OEN DU TYABEL YU ALPHA CENTAURI OF DUE BLYATCH, he then threw me into the basement with sOMe 30 y/o virgin, i tried to argue wit him but i los, yet he ws stil virgn and wos hongri, my soul was on his mneu, but i have ssome soul so fuk it.

Disclaimer !

This was my first trollpasta in years, it is probably not humorous but at least I tried.